June Internet Roundup 


So there’s only so much I can write about on this site, and sometimes, there’s an article or a video out there that is so good I’ll have to share it on this site. I will try to do this at the end of each month. I’m going to call this series the internet roundup. So, here goes for the month of June.

Making Your Own Brisket? Don’t Forget the Dry Rub

Texas smoked brisket is one of the most wonderful things on planet earth. There’s nothing else like it and nothing else comes close. Smoking a brisket can be one of the most difficult things to pull off successfully. It takes precision, patience, and an artistic flair for creating an amazing dish. It’s definitely an old fashioned kind of dish. This article from one of my favorite websites, gearpatrol.com, and it covers a salt and pepper dry run for smoking your own Texas style brisket. Try it out and enjoy.

How a Classic American Boot Is Made

This one also comes courtesy of Gearpatrol.com. It’s a factory tour of the Redwing Boot factory in Red Wing, Minnesota. To those of you who are new to the site, I absolutely love Red Wing Boots. They are made in america, they are tougher than nails, they will last you forever, and they are made in an old fashioned way that you won’t find on most companies. Check it out, there are some great pictures and a real look inside the factory.

Don’t Speak Unless It’s Something Worth Saying

The next article comes to us from a great site called lifehacker.com by way of Roman Politician, Cato the Younger (apparently there was an older Cato he didn’t want to be confused with). I think this one is especially poignant in out filterless social media fueled society. The gist of it is that you shouldn’t just run off at the mouth regarding every little thing, but instead, only speak on things that matter to you. I think this is a great lesson from way back in the past that everyone can learn from.

23 Dangerous Things You Should Let Your Kids Do

The last article of this monthly internet roundup comes from artofmanliness.com, which is a great site for men and women (believe it or not). This article is about something I hear people talking about all the time. It usually starts with some kind of an example about not wearing seat belts or drinking water directly out of the hose. The idea is that people were more free and less coddled “back in the day”. I think there’s some truth in those statements even if the examples are sometimes misplaced. This article covers things we should all let our children do, even though they might contain some danger.

So that’s it for June. At the end of July I’ll post the next installment of AnOldFashioned.com Internet Roundup. Tell me what you think about the links!

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